LiDAR Acquisition and Processing

Linewise specializes in corridor mapping for the Transmission, Telecommunication and Pipeline industries. Using both LiDAR and Ortho Photography, we provide data for the analysis of existing systems, designing new systems, or for other related work on systems that require detailed LiDAR

Quality Deliverables

Our deliverables can be applied for analyzing an existing line, designing a new line in place of an existing line, or for other related work on transmission systems requiring a highly detailed LiDAR survey. Linewise uses only the latest technology to ensure your data is accurate and complete. 

Corridor Mapping

While much of our work involves the Transmission and Distribution industry, our detailed and on-time deliverables are also used by many of our current clients in the Telecom and Pipeline industry.  With superior data collection techniques and un-matched Quality Standards for deliverables, Linewise guarantees to meet all customer specifications.

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