Infrared & Ultraviolent Inspection

Our inspection is performed on all line hardware, conductor,sky wire, insulators, splices, spacers, dampers, bonding, OPGW etc. with anomalies classified and reported on a 3 tier system.

Confirm Electrical Integrity

The purpose of Infrared and Corona inspections is to identify all possible anomalies and to confirm electrical integrity.  To accomplish this, one must perform the inspection with both Infrared & Corona.

Infrared vs. Corona

Infrared provides a non-contact, efficient means of identifying thermal anomalies which could result in failure.

Corona utilizes an ultra-violet image sensor to detect partial discharge, or corona.

Benefits of Infrared and Corona

  • Reduce Public and Environment Liability – identify & repair components not visible with the naked eye before mechanical/electrical failure
  • Combined Patrols – Infrared, Corona, Visual, Vegetation, LiDAR = Cost savings
  • Unplanned outage reduction 
  • Cost savings of planned maintenance work; allows predictive maintenance
  • Preventative not reactive
  • Due diligence & documentation of network integrity
  • Detects anomalies not visible by any other means

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