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Our Story

The senior team at Linewise came together in 2012 to develop a better technique for “acceptance” of new Transmission Line construction assets.  Traditional climbing inspections are effective for mechanical integrity, but not for electrical integrity.  It’s like buying a car without hearing it run.  We wanted to hear it run.  With that we looked at the program that had been successful for some major utilities – Infrared and Corona inspection – and developed our first service offering.  We quickly learned that for most utilities the capital outlay for the necessary equipment didn’t make sense.  This is the perfect product to outsource.

We are not an aviation company, we are a  T&D Inspection company.  From our first offering we identified a need in the market for T&D Inspection experts and have grown to fill that need.  Comprehensive Visual Inspection, Infrared & Corona Inspection, Corridor LiDAR – we are a clients single inspection provider.  We continue to push the combination of Technology with traditional inspection techniques to deliver better information more efficiently.

Our Team

Doug Rae


Doug is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) of 15 years with expertise in delivering large projects in the Transmission and Distribution industry.

Derrick Brydges

Manager, Thermography

A certified Power Lineman, Certified Level 2 Thermographer and Corona.  After 15 years in the field working as a Power Lineman, Derrick spent the next 25+ years performing 15,000 km per year of Transmission Power line inspection on a full time basis.  Derrick has logged over 5000 hours in the helicopter performing inspections.

Lewis Harrell

Vice President, Operations

Lewis has managed aviation and powerline inspection for over 10 years during which time he has managed the acquisition of 100,000+ miles of aerial inspection. His experience includes collecting and processing of 10,000+ miles of LiDAR.

Kyle Nolan

Business Development Manager

Kyle joined Linewise after 5 years in the high voltage industry. His experience and expertise involves marketing, business development and client relations.