Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Aerial Inspection

Linewise Aerial Solutions is North America's premiere aerial inspection company with over 25+ years in aerial inspection expertise utilizing Infrared, Corona Aerial, HD Video and still image patrol.

Our certified team operates the most advanced radiometric airborne camera system in the world - the Flir-Polytech Corona 350. Not only do our inspections provide you the latest technology to ensure the safety of the public and environment, but we also qualify integrity of network assets and increase your environmental due diligence and awareness.

Infrared and Corona Inspection

Two of the four cameras in our quad camera gimbal are Infra-red and Ultraviolet. These two allow us to see Thermal imaging and Corona. This technology is a component of an effective maintenance program and enables the ability to:

  • Identify leaks in tanks and pipelines
  • Leak detection - above and below grade
  • Tank Level detection
  • Identify equipment anomalies
  • Water and environmental anomaly detection

Map and Verify Asset Integrity

Our gyro stabilized gimbal includes four cameras record and geotag simultaneously. This allows for easy overlay of images as well as ability to import into almost any GIS system. Our standard delivery includes software that allows all three videos to be viewed over a moving map display.

We provide GPS Coordinates as well as geo-tagged video and images for all network assets. This allows visual verification of asset integrity that can be used in development of a predictive maintenance program or for due diligence in the case of an acquisition.

Gyro stabilized HD Video of ROW and Assets

Our gyro stabilized, geo-tagged HD video provides a level of due diligence that cannot be argued with. Uses include:

ROW verification? Pipeline Leak ? Landowner or public concern or request ? Bring up the latest footage and fly the ROW from your desk.

Vegetation Monitoring - verify foilage type as well as encroachment identification (with GPS coordinates) for brushing prioritization.

Planning work in the area ? Optimize your crew's time by planning the access and work methods prior to going to site.


  • Oil Pipeline
  • Natural Gas Transmission
  • Environmental Surveys
  • Right of Way Inspection
  • Refineries Gas Leaks
  • Waterway Pollution
  • Underground Steam Lines
  • Pumping Station Safety
  • Tank Level verification